Photo Bug

As a kid, we never want to believe that we are like our parents in any way.  Call it nature or nurture, but I have to admit that I see so many ways that I am like both of my parents.  I definitely have my mom's travel bug but my dad definitely exposed me to the photo bug.  Although he was an amateur photographer, he shot weddings, social events, church functions and even some forensics pictures (image discovering some of those as a kid -- yikes).  I can only image the kind of pictures he would be taking now with all of the new technology we have.  But he took some pretty cool shots with old 120 film cameras, 35 mm,  and the polaroid One Step 600.  He even shot movies with his Super 8mm video camera. My dad had talent. Heaven only knows how he got into the picture taking business but his photo bug has been passed down to me.  I actually learned a lot about composition and lighting from my dad and I use these skills to compete with my husband who thinks he is the master of everything photography.  Ermanno may have more technical knowledge than me but I have old school experience.  Let's see what you think.  Below are the last pictures I took with my dad before he passed away and the last picture he took of me.  As they say, the apple does not fall too far from the tree.  Here's to you, dad.

Fun-ctionality: A few of my favorite things for the outdoors

I guess by now you can tell that I love being in nature.  Here are a few truly functional things that help me to enjoy my time outside just a little bit more.  :-)

  1. All things Hydroflask. @hydroflask
  2. Freaking socks from FreakerUSA. @freakerUSA
  3. Rain gear.  @outdoorresearch
  4. Dry feet!  @drymaxsocks
  5. Gear for training. ;-)  @athleta
  6. Trucker hats.  @bocogear
  7. Big scarves and yoga pants. @prana
  8. Trail running shoe with wide toe box! @topoathletic
  9. Hydration for life.  @ultimatedirectionusa
  10. Sweater jacket. @patagonia
  11. Warm hands. @c9attarget
  12. Warm head. @peacelovebehippy
  13. Fly racing gear. @inknburn
  14. Best jeans ever. @hollisterco
  15. One more t-shirt. @badpickletees
  16. Everything REI - Member since 1994. @rei
  17. Hanging out. @enohammocks
  18. Journals. @moleskine_world
  19. Hoodies. @oiselle
  20. Lifestyle clothes. ;-) @lelowomen

Many of these are small companies or started as small shops which make me love them even more.  Don't forget to #ShopSmall throughout the Holidays!  Hope you enjoy exploring this list.  I would also love to hear about your favorite things!  :-)  @OliviaAdventure #GetOutside 

Loving nature! King's Chair at Oak Mountain State Park.