Fun-ctionality: A few of my favorite things for the outdoors

I guess by now you can tell that I love being in nature.  Here are a few truly functional things that help me to enjoy my time outside just a little bit more.  :-)

  1. All things Hydroflask. @hydroflask
  2. Freaking socks from FreakerUSA. @freakerUSA
  3. Rain gear.  @outdoorresearch
  4. Dry feet!  @drymaxsocks
  5. Gear for training. ;-)  @athleta
  6. Trucker hats.  @bocogear
  7. Big scarves and yoga pants. @prana
  8. Trail running shoe with wide toe box! @topoathletic
  9. Hydration for life.  @ultimatedirectionusa
  10. Sweater jacket. @patagonia
  11. Warm hands. @c9attarget
  12. Warm head. @peacelovebehippy
  13. Fly racing gear. @inknburn
  14. Best jeans ever. @hollisterco
  15. One more t-shirt. @badpickletees
  16. Everything REI - Member since 1994. @rei
  17. Hanging out. @enohammocks
  18. Journals. @moleskine_world
  19. Hoodies. @oiselle
  20. Lifestyle clothes. ;-) @lelowomen

Many of these are small companies or started as small shops which make me love them even more.  Don't forget to #ShopSmall throughout the Holidays!  Hope you enjoy exploring this list.  I would also love to hear about your favorite things!  :-)  @OliviaAdventure #GetOutside 

Loving nature! King's Chair at Oak Mountain State Park.