Completed 137 miles of the AT in 2016!

Completed 137 miles of the AT in 2016!

Woooooot!!!  My 50th year was a wild ride!  As you can see, there are several adventures left to be enjoyed on the list below.  My intention is to complete the current list and add a few more ideas that have come up in the past year.  Let me know if you would like to tag along.  Peace, Love, and Adventure!  --- Olivia

So, of course, I must celebrate my 50th year by adding some new adventures to my life!  This is not a bucket list by any stretch of my imagination but a few things I would like to experience before I am too old and decrepit to make it happen.  

  1. Visit the Grand Canyon

  2. Take Surfing Lessons

  3. Go on a Bike Ride in Utah

  4. Hike 100 miles on the Appalachian Trail

  5. Practice a Day of Silence

  6. Ride a Zipline in Moab

  7. Take a Zumba Class

  8. Go for a Hike in the Dolomites

  9. Visit Niagara Falls

  10. Take a Trip in an RV

  11. Go Sailing (Racing Yacht USA 76, San Francisco Bay)

  12. Go Skateboarding

  13. Run in Ragnar Relay

  14. Take a Krav Maga Class

  15. Visit Japan

  16. Take a Hot Air Balloon Ride

  17. Visit Nepal

  18. Go climbing

  19. Run a 50K in SC (Ultra Chili 50K in my home state)

  20. Run a 50K in FL (Destin Beach 50K)

  21. Run a 50K in TX

  22. Try Snowboading

  23. Complete a Month of Crossfit Training

  24. Learn to Play the Bass

  25. Visit a North East Coast Winery

  26. Complete "The Murph"

  27. Design my Own T-shirt

  28. SOL Dance Experience

  29. Summit Clingman's Dome

  30. Run a 50K in WA (paced at Cascade Crest 100)

  31. Become a certified lifeguard

  32. Swim with Manatees

  33. Roller Derby

  34. Run Roan Highlands (NC/TN)

  35. Fitness Photo Shoot

  36. Go to Outdoor Show

  37. Paintball

  38. Learn to Knit

  39. Helicopter Ride

  40. Go Rowing on a Lake

  41. Talladega Superspeedway Experience (3-laps)

  42. Aerial Yoga

  43. Visit the Congaree National Park

  44. Archery Tag

  45. Run a 50K in MN

  46. Pole Fitness

  47. Go Snowshoeing

  48. Mayhem on the Mountain

  49. Barkley Fall Classic 50K in TN - Misogi 2016

  50. Skydiving!

  51. Visit Iceland

  52. Visit Africa

  53. Visit Antarctica

  54. Write a book

  55. Run a 50K in WY

  56. Summit a 14er in CO (Grays & Torrey’s; Mt. Elbert - 14,440 ft),

  57. Complete an Aerial Obstacle Course

  58. Visit Joshua Tree National Park

  59. Visit Kenai Fjords National Park

  60. Visit Denali National Park

  61. Visit Harpers Ferry National Historic Park

  62. Run a 50K in WI (Ice Age 50K)